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..Which lately seems kind of a rarity- sadly. ..But recently I did make this:

(As recently as tonight, actually! ^_^)

And this in turn has been made into an LJ icon, which appears in the cut below. :)

I'm trying to get back into the creative flow, and in so saying:
Here are a couple of things I've completed lately. (See, 'cause I have a BUNCH of stuff I started, but it seems inthe past two years I've acquired the dreaded Inability-To-Finish-Things Syndrome. I never used to have a problem w/polishing off whatever pieces I'd begun. I rarely failed to complete something in one sitting, and if I did the next time I went back to it (which was in a pretty short period of time), I got it- or them- done. Now however I've started a myriad of projects, and can't seem to get up the gumption to FINISH them. :P Dunno why.. but I'm guessing it's "real life" and Stress- yes; w/a capital "S."

Now that I'm in the process of remedying these factors however (although sadly, methinks "real life" will never entirely go away- something which is both a good AND a bad), I'm also in the process of creating more, and actually finishing what I start. ^_^

For example, I just made this for a friend of mine who's directing his own li'l movie. (I'm in it (I play a gypsy w/the genuine Gift of Sight), and I'm also the makeup artist. It was already shot once- sucking up my weekends for an entire 6 mos., but now it's being re-shot- and although I'm kinda chagrined that I was never actually asked to continue w/the project in the re-shoot (it was just assumed- which again could be considered both a good as well as bad), it looks like this acting crew & production's gonna be MUCH more professional, and with a markedly better script. ^_^

ANYWAY, ENUFF W/THE GABBLE AND GET ON TO THE ART!! you say? Well then 'ere you go!Collapse )
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So.. whatcha guys think?


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I don't know if this is on any other journals, but I've been going through various files and rescued CD for various reasons, and this is one piece I don't seem to see anywhere else on my many pages- so I thought I'd preserve it here.


I am succulent Red,
wearing your
Broken Breath
as we tremble in echo
of one another.
My heartbeat and the
smell of you
filling the Universe,
we feel each other
in varying, trembling
tones of
Finding myself
lost in you,
finding you
lost in me…
And we are immersed in laughing
and Warm Beyond all

Oh, my
How is it that you are
Reeling, -oh my heart!!!

I love you.

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I've had these on my camera for a bit. Now that I can upload them, 'ere they be!

Now chil'ren, I'm gonna tell you a story...
Cut for the copious use of various photographs.Collapse )
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If you haven't already, check out my other journal for an update on how my latest arts/craft fair went! :D
(It's got pics n' everything! :D:D)

Also, scope out this new digital pic I did, involving some of the makeup I've been working on for the last six months, on one of the movie's main characters. ^_^  (It was from a pic I did w/my cell of just him in a Hawaiian shirt in the completed makeup.  The character however is an ancient vampire who always wears a black hooded robe, n' who has veins emanating from him wips- 'kuz he be eeeeevil.. ;D) 

(And sorry to those who might've seen this already. This entry was essentially just for my fartistic records. ;)) 

Hope ya like! :D:D
Cheers n' hugs!


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It was a while back now, (like in Nov. of 2007), but I only just NOW got my comp up wehre I could upload my pics, so here are some of my particular favorites from the bevy of pics I took of the girls from Mortifera. ^_^ Image-heavy bellydancing-centric post cut here, for the convenience of Friends journals and those w/slow connections. ;)Collapse )
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The 15th is fast approaching. Let's hope I've gotten into the DC crafts fair I applied to, and that by then I'll have a job and actually be *gasp* working for a living!!! ;D O.O :D:D I'm hoping to have a job and a place soon, (thanks to the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind), and look forward to telling all of you about my new, SOLO apartment. ^_^

Cheers, and goodnight! :D:D
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