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Alternate Visions

Art from a Different Point of View

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Greetings, and welcome! I'm Renae, and this is my occupationally concentrated LJ. Here you'll find my artwork, information about job prospects, how the job market is going for me, hiring info, commission-work, etc. More particularly, you'll find ideas (but not for stealing, thank you!), updates about upcoming venues where I'll be appearing, info about current works, and less particularly- any other things I might feel to be pertinent to this occupationally driven journal.

In that vein, check out the link below:

Also, I'm organizing the DC Zombie Lurch AGAIN this year. (But of course, if anyone w/cabable hands wants to take the big hat for it instead, that'd be okay w/me, too.) It's still planned for the end of October, but I'm open to suggestions! :D:D Want to sign up? Need more info? Check out last year's banner:

And now for a fun bit of fluff:
Want to see "the future me"? (Of sorts.. w/o the big head & two dimensinallity, I hope.)
Wild, outrageous, SuperStar me.  Don't you LOVE the outfit??? B-D
Thanks to CandyBar doll-making for the ability to make this image! *courtsies*

Grins and Cheers,