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Alternate · Visions

Mortifera at Midnight, November 11th, 2007

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It was a while back now, (like in Nov. of 2007), but I only just NOW got my comp up wehre I could upload my pics, so here are some of my particular favorites from the bevy of pics I took of the girls from Mortifera. ^_^

I dunno what happened or why (it's never happened before w/my camera), but a few pics (especially of this last performer) came out all double-exposure-y. I yike it! :D:D (..Now I wish I could do it on PURPOSE. ;D I know the mechanics, but not w/my camera. Hm.... )

I'd love to edit some of these and really make them pop.
(I.e. take out the background and focus entirely on the dancers. ^_^)
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