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Alternate · Visions

The Maryland Faerie Festival, 2008

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I've had these on my camera for a bit. Now that I can upload them, 'ere they be!

Now chil'ren, I'm gonna tell you a story...

Of a land where faeries dwell...

Where Green Men roam...

And dancers sway...

And gypsies croon to thehills...

The Gypsy Nomads watch a bellydancer at the MD Faerie Festival '08

There is no "un-pretty" pose in bellydancing.

She looks SO happy! :D:D

And why shouldn't she be?  She's gorgeous, a bellydancer, and at a Faerie Festival! ^_^

Dancing amogst haybales.. that HAD to be hard!

These women ca' fly- I just know it!!

An' the twirlin's pretty. ^_^

And the band played on...

And the revelers reveled...

And somehow one of the dancers channeled Angelina Jolie... ;)

And that's it! There -was- a woman there w/HUGE, spectacular wings and a cottage on a roaming turtle, but for some reason I could never swipe a pic of her. So.. I'll have to go find one online for you & show it to ya. ;)
And that's it for me, for now!
Hope you all like- and if you're so inclined, might want to come out w/me next year! :D:D
(Or to FaerieCon, which is happening in October. ;))

And if you want to see some video, see below! (Check it- I'm the one in the black, w/the big blue wings in front of most of the blue-tarped stage shots. ;D)

And here, there's Joshua Safford, Kiva & The Gypsy Nomads- all of whom ROCK. (And all of whom, by the way, have let me play their stuff on my new podcast. ^_^) Oh! And here's the cottage/turtle. :D:D

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