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Alternate · Visions

Yay! I Made Stuff!

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..Which lately seems kind of a rarity- sadly. ..But recently I did make this:

(As recently as tonight, actually! ^_^)

And this in turn has been made into an LJ icon, which appears in the cut below. :)

I'm trying to get back into the creative flow, and in so saying:
Here are a couple of things I've completed lately. (See, 'cause I have a BUNCH of stuff I started, but it seems inthe past two years I've acquired the dreaded Inability-To-Finish-Things Syndrome. I never used to have a problem w/polishing off whatever pieces I'd begun. I rarely failed to complete something in one sitting, and if I did the next time I went back to it (which was in a pretty short period of time), I got it- or them- done. Now however I've started a myriad of projects, and can't seem to get up the gumption to FINISH them. :P Dunno why.. but I'm guessing it's "real life" and Stress- yes; w/a capital "S."

Now that I'm in the process of remedying these factors however (although sadly, methinks "real life" will never entirely go away- something which is both a good AND a bad), I'm also in the process of creating more, and actually finishing what I start. ^_^

For example, I just made this for a friend of mine who's directing his own li'l movie. (I'm in it (I play a gypsy w/the genuine Gift of Sight), and I'm also the makeup artist. It was already shot once- sucking up my weekends for an entire 6 mos., but now it's being re-shot- and although I'm kinda chagrined that I was never actually asked to continue w/the project in the re-shoot (it was just assumed- which again could be considered both a good as well as bad), it looks like this acting crew & production's gonna be MUCH more professional, and with a markedly better script. ^_^

This is "Directrix" done solely in black, Sharpie marker. She's made for one horny guy, but is for anyone who likes the leather-clad, female form. ;D Hope you like!

As I've also been endeavoring to get more involved in my desire to learn bellydance (with the goal of meeting that w/my love of performing and desire to someday be a professional bellydance performer and singer), I've also joined some LJ communities about the art, culture, and costume of all types of Middle Eastern-inspired dance forms. (Beit tribal, cabaret, romani, etc..) In anticipation and hope of becoming more active in these, I've also designed a couple of fun, cute and (hopefully) inspiring icons- to get me (and other "big girls" alike) dancing- and up into doing more of the things each of us loves passionately in our innermost heart-of-hearts. ^_^ Dance! ('Cause I mean, what woman doesn't wanna love herself, or doesn't enjoy dancing??? ;D:D)

In that vein I give you these:

Aaaaand that's all, folks! I hope you enjoy these, my meager little graphic offerings, and hope you're having a great day/night!

The Creatrix
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